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Fr. Koodappattu Reji  CMI

Christ Kinder Garten was established in 1984 with a vision of imparting holistic education to the Catholic and other children residing in the vicinity of Dharmaram College. From its inception till 2013, it was part of Christ School. But since 10 January 2013 it has been made an independent unit for the convenience of administration. It caters to the three Christ Schools in the campus namely, Christ (ICSE), Christ (State) and Christ (CBSE- Proposed).

Students are groomed and nurtured through various literary, cultural and sports activities. Every individual student gets an opportunity to excel and grow. Their curiosity is stimulated through activity oriented learning. They get ample opportunity, timely support and guidance from their teachers for their integral development. Every child admitted here is nurtured with tender love and care. At the end of two years of learning the Kindergarteners are trifurcated into three streams, ICSE, CBSE and State Board to pursue their higher education. Three divisions (two in the LKG and one in the UKG) were increased during 2017-18 to meet the steadily growing demands for the new admissions.

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