Inauguration of 150th Death Anniversary of St. Chavara 


Fr. Paul Achandy is appointed as Rector of Dharmaram College, Bangalore.



Mission Seminar


FEB 25

Inauguration and Blessing of Christ School, Kengeri.

APR 17

Fr. Kurian Kachappilly took charge as President of DVK.

JUL 14 – 21

Inauguration of Christ University Golden Jubilee Celebrations.

JUL 29

Blessing of St Mary’s Bhavan, Kengeri by Rev. Fr. Paul Achandy, Prior General.

JUL 25

Visit of Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki Archbishop of Kolin with Dr. Rudolf Sollzbacher and Mr. Nadim Amman.


FEB 10 – 13

Human Formation: Seminar cum Workshop as a part of Dharmaram Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.

APR 29

Rev. Fr George Edayadiyil Iis appointed as Rector.

SEP 27

History of Dharmaram College is published.

OCT 27, 28

Meeting of CMI Philosophers and Theologians Forum CMI Educational Summit.


MAY 11        

Blessing and Inauguration of Christ University, Bannerghatta Campus.

JUL 04

Death of Rev. Dr. George Thanchan CMI.

JUL 16

Blessing of the new block for the Faculty of Automobile Engineering, Christ University, Kengeri Campus.

JUL 24

Rev. Fr. Saju Chackalackal appointed as the General Councillor for Evangelization and Pastoral Ministry.

NOV 20

Rev. Dr. Mathew Chandrakunnel took charge as Director of Ecumenical Christian Centre (ECC), Bangalore.

DEC 23

Completion of renovation of Dharmaram chapel.


JAN 03

Foundation Stone laid by Fr. Thomas Aykara, Rector for the extension Block of Christ University in Dharmaram campus.

FEB 26

Major Archbishop Mar George Cardinal Alencherry addressed the Dharmaram Community.

MAY 24

Rev. Fr. Thomas Aykara re-appointed as Rector.

JUN 01

Kuriakose Elias Chavara Study House inaugurated.

JUL 17-18

National Seminar on Moral Theology in India.

JUL 29

Rev. Dr. Mathew Koikara appointed as Episcopal Vicar for the Syro-Malabar Faithful of the Archdiocese of Bengaluru.

AUG 15

Commencement of Chavara Year.

SEP 18

Dr. Thomas Kollamparambil appointed as a member of International Theological Commission.

NOV 17

Blessing of Chavara Grotto by Fr. Rector at Dharmaram College.

NOV 22

Thirteen Hours Adoration in preparation for Canonization.

NOV 23

Canonization of Kuriakose Elias Chavara. Fr. Rector and a team of Fathers attended the ceremonies in Rome.

NOV 29

Celebration of Canonization, National Thanks giving Day at Rajagiri, Kakkanadu.

DEC 05

Blessing of Kuriakose Elias Chapel at Kengeri by Archbishop Bernard Moras.


JAN 31 - FEB 03

Revisiting Vatican II - 50 years of Renewal International Conference Vatican II.

AUG 24

Sacerdotal Golden Jubilee celebration of Fr. Thomas Aykara, Rector.


APR 17-18

CRI Mission Congress at Dharmaram College.

MAY 27

Blessing and inauguration of Devadan Hall at Kengeri campus, by Fr. Thomas Aykara, Rector.

JUL 16

Blessing of Christ Special School by Fr. Rector

JUL 28

Inauguration of Christ Special School by Archbishop Bernard Moras.

OCT 31

Blessing of renovated Dharmaram Gallery by Fr. Rector.

DEC 07-10

Renewal Programme for Dharmaram Community.


NOV 09

Consecration of St. Jude Church, Udayanagar by Bp. Bernard Moras.

FEB 07

Blessing and inauguration of Dharmaram Research Centre by Msgr. Pralat Dominik Schwaderlapp, Vicar General of Koln Archdiocese.

FEB 10

Laying of the foundation stone of Christ University Extension Centre at Lavasa, Pune.

MAR 19

Blessing and inauguration of the Play School block at Christha Vidyalaya campus by Rev. Fr. Augustine Thottakara, Rector.

APR 29

Rev. Fr. Thomas Aykara was declared as the Rector.

MAY 10

Blessing and inauguration of Knowledge Centre (VI Floor, Central Block) of Christ University by Rev. Fr. Augustine Thottakara, Rector.

JUL 26

Inauguration of Bl. Chavara School at Ejipura by Mar George Njaralakatt, Bishop of Mandya.

OCT 26

International Colloquium in Bengaluru - Towards a Strong Global Economic System by Pontifical Council for Culture Vatican, DVK and Christ University.

NOV 22

National Seminar on Mission Year organized by Dharmaram College, DVK and Christ University.


MAY 09

Laying the Foundation Stone of the Community Hall of St. Thomas Forane Church by Rev. Fr. Augustine Thottakara, Rector.

MAY 11

Blessing of the Central block of Christ University building by Rev. Fr. Augustine Thottakara, Rector.

JUN 07

Three Year Philosophy Degree Course started at DVK.

AUG 01

Blessing and Inauguration of St. Alphonsa Parish by Bp. Bernard Moras.

SEP 03

Inauguration of NODAL under Christ University at Trivandrum.

SEP 20

ASVAS (Centre for the Differently Abled) was inaugurated by Rev. Fr. Augustine Thottakara, Rector.

OCT 10

Rededication of Ejipura Blessed Chavara Church and blessing of Sunday School building by Mar Sebastian Adayanthrath, Auxiliary Bishop of Ernakulam-Angamaly.


National Seminar on Eastern Code conducted by DVK.


JAN 5-9

7th International Whitehead Conference at Christ University.

MAR 19

Blessing of the Engineering College at Kengeri by Rev. Fr. Augustine Thottakara, Rector.


Laying of the foundation stone of Christ University Centre at Lavasa, Pune.

DEC 11

National Seminar in connection with the year for Priests conducted by DVK.


JAN 31

Inauguration of Golden Jubilee celebration of the Faculty of Philosophy.

MAR 19

Inauguration of new block of Christa Vidyalaya.

MAR 29,30

Conclusion of Silver Jubilee celebration of St. Thomas Parish.

APR 05

Rev. Fr. Jose Panthaplamthottiyil was elected new Prior General of CMI Congregation.

MAY 01

Laying foundation stone for the PG Research Centre of Christ College by Rev. Fr. James Narithookil. Rector.

MAY 18

Rev. Fr. Augustine Thottakara CMI took Charge as the Rector of Dharmaram College.

MAY 30

Laying foundation stone for DVK Research Centre by Rev. Fr. Augustine Thottakara, Rector.

JUN 09

Inauguration of Jonas Hall by Rev. Fr. Jose Panthaplamthottiyil CMI, Prior General.

JUL 23

Christ College declared University by UGC

JUL 30

Inauguration of Christ University.


MAR 19

Inauguration of the Silver Jubilee Celebration of St. Thomas Parish.

JUN 12, 13

Alumni Gathering as part of Golden Jubilee Celebration of Dharmaram; Asian Horizons released.

JUN 14,15

National Seminar on Formation and Integral education was conducted.

JUN 18

MA in Philosophy Course Started at DVK.

JUL 03

Laying the foundation stone for Ladies Hostel, Christ college by Rev. Fr. James Narithookil, Rector.

AUG 31

Laying the foundation of the new block of Christavidyalaya by Rev. Fr. James Narithookil, Rector.

SEP 08

Laying the foundation stone for Christ College of Technology and Management, Devadan.

OCT 25

Restructuring the old press block as living quarters.

OCT 27

Laying the Foundation of Dharmaram Research Centre, DVK by Rev. Fr. Antony Kariyil CMI, Prior General.

OCT 27, 28

Dharmaram Golden Jubilee celebrations

DEC 03-06

National Symposium on Natural Moral Law.


FEB 22

Inauguration of the auditorium of Christ College.

JUN 07

Blessing of the New Block of Christ Pre-Primary school by Fr. James Narithookil, Rector.

OCT 28

Inauguration of Dharmaram Golden Jubilee Celebration.


JUN 26

Christ P.U. Residential College at Devadan was inaugurated.

SEP 08

‘Krupalaya’, the Charitable Institution under St. Thomas Parish was inaugurated.

SEP 13

Christ College declared as an Autonomous College.

SEP 21

Laying of the foundation stone at Christ Pre-Primary School by Fr. James Narithookil, Rector.


JUN 14

MA in Spirituality and Counselling Course started at DVK; DVK Central Library was inaugurated.

JUL 03

Laying of the foundation stone of Residential College at Devadan by Rev. Fr. James Narithookil, Rector.

JUL 08

Erection of St. Jude Church, Udayanagar as a parish.


FEB 16

Blessing of Hongasandra, Holy Family Church. The Golden Jubilee of Mar Emmanuel Pothanamuzhy and Rev. Fr. Mathias Mundadan was celebrated in Dharmaram College.

APR 06

Bp. Mar Emmanuel Pothanamkuzhy expired due to Cancer.

APR 24

National Meeting of the CRI began in Dharmaram Campus.

MAY 14

Inauguration of a branch of the South Indian Bank at Christ College by Fr. Prior General.

AUG 07

Visit of His grace Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Pittau S.J., and Fr. Albin Graus, the Secretary and the officer respectively of the Congregation for Catholic Education.

DEC 03

Erection of Holy Family Church, Hongasandra as a parish.


FEB 22

Newly constructed bank building in DVK compound was blessed by Archbishop Ignatius Pinto, Bengaluru, and an extension counter of the Catholic Syrian Bank was inaugurated.

APR 06

Rev. Fr. Antony Kariyil was elected Prior General of the CMI Congregation.

MAY 01

Rev. Fr. James Narithookil appointed Rector of Dharmaram College.

MAY 23

Blessing of Christ Junior College.

JUL 03

The newly constructed DVK Library was inaugurated by Archbishop Ignatius Pinto.


AUG 20

Most Rev. Edwin Regan, Bishop of Wrexham, U.K., visited Dharmaram College.

NOV 04

Foundation Stone of Christ Junior College was laid by Rev. Fr. Sebastian Poonolly, Rector, Dharmaram College.


MAR 10

Silver Jubilee of the construction of Dharmaram Chapel was celebrated with a Concelebrated Mass.

JUN 26

Archbishop Alan De Lastic of Delhi visited Dharmaram College.

AUG 16

Mar Varkey Vithayathil, Major Archbishop, visited Dharmaram College and inaugurated the National Seminar on Canon Law in DVK.

SEP 20

National Assembly of Kristu Jayanthi 2000 began in Dharmaram College.


JAN 01

Establishment of Dharmaram College, DVK, and Christ College and Schools Administrative Bodies

MAR 29

Establishment of the Institute of Oriental Canon Law.

MAY 26

Rev. Fr. Sebastian Poonolly took charge as Rector of Dharmaram College.

JUN 06

St. Thomas Parish was raised to the status of a Deanery.

JUN 14

Inauguration of the Institute of  Oriental  Canon  Law in DVK by Mar Varkey Vithayathil, Apostolic Administrator, Syro-Malabar Church.

AUG 02

Blessing of new Adhyayana (DVK Residence for Sisters) building.


FEB 15

Blessing of Great Jubilee Memorial St. Thomas Parish Church by Mar Varkey Vithayathil, the Apostolic Administrator of the Syro-Malabar Church.

AUG 12

Second Block of Christ College was blessed by Rev. Fr. Domitian Manickathan, Rector, Dharmaram College

SEP 27

Formal Erection of Syro-Malabar parishes at Bommanahalli, Ejipura, Anepalaya, and Lingarajapuram.

NOV 23

The first Apostolic Visitation of Dharmaram College and DVK started under the presidentship of Mar Varkey Vithayathil, Apostolic Administrator of Syro-Malabar Church.


JAN 12

Blessing of Blessed Alphonsa Centre, a new chapel in the City Ward.


MAY 26

Rev. Fr. Domitian Manickathan took charge as Rector of Dharmaram College.

JUL 14

Blessing of Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chapel at Ejipura.

DEC 18

Rev. Fr. Mani Giles, former Rector of Dharmaram College, the new Bishop of Mananthavady.


JAN 16

Christ College celebrated its Silver Jubilee with the Honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka, Sri. H. D. Deve Gowda, as chief guest.


JAN 22

Laying of the foundation stone of Chavara Bhavan.

SEP 22

Blessing of PG Block of Christ College by Rev. Fr. Thomas Kadankavil, Rector.

DEC 08

Blessing of Chavara Bhavan by Rev. Fr. Thomas Mampra, Prior General.


MAY 16

Rev. Fr. Thomas Kadankavil took charge as Rector of Dharmaram College.

JUN 01

Newly constructed Kannada Medium School (Christha Vidyalaya) blessed by Fr. Thomas Kadankavil, Rector.

AUG 14

Formal inauguration of Christha Vidyalaya by Sri. Veerappa Moily, Chief Minister of Karnataka.

AUG 17-18

International Seminar on “The Future of Interreligious Dialogue” inaugurated by the Governor of Karnataka, Sri Kursheed Alam Khan.

SEP 09

Christ School Canteen blessed by Rev. Fr. Thomas Mampra, Prior General.

NOV 07

Newly constructed building of the Faculty of Philosophy was blessed by Msgr. Michael, the President of Weltmissio, Archdiocese of Cologne.


JUL 03

‘New Block’ of Christ College was inaugurated.

JUL 16

Blessing of the new block of Dharmaram School of Printing.

JAN 20

Blessing of DVK PG Block by His Eminence Cardinal Antony Padiyara.

JUN 15

DVK Cafeteria blessed by Rev. Fr. Thomas Mampra, Prior General.


JAN 30

The newly constructed Administrative block of DVK was inaugurated by Cardinal Arinze, the President of the Papal Commission for Non Christian Religions.

FEB 18

The multipurpose hall of St. Thomas Parish was blessed by Bp. Joseph Kundukulam.

APR 03

Rev. Fr. Thomas Mampra, Rector, elected Prior General of the CMI Congregation.

APR 25

Rev. Fr. Mani Giles Pothanamuzhy appointed Rector of Dharmaram College.

AUG 06

Bishop Paulinus Jeerakath died in St. John’s Medical College Hospital, Bengaluru.

AUG 08

Body of the late Bp. Paulinus Jeerakath was brought to the Dharmaram Chapel, His Eminence Cardinal Antony Padiyara led the con-celebrated liturgy.


JUN 15

Blessing of the Theology Faculty Block by Archbishop Alphonsus Mathias in the new DVK Campus.


FEB 12

Inauguration of Christ College Library Block.

MAY 01

Rev. Fr. Thomas Mampra is re-appointed Rector of Dharmaram College.

AUG 04-07

National Seminar on “Mission in India Today.”


NOV 07

Dharmaram Pontifical Athenaeum re-christened as Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram. 


MAY 26

Rev. Fr. Thomas Mampra is appointed Rector of Dharmaram College.

JUN 01

Inauguration of Christ School and Christha Vidyalaya.


FEB 27

Rev. Fr. Thomas Aykara,  Prior General constituted a nine member committee for the evaluation of Dharmaram.

MAR 19

Solemn inauguration of the new Syro-Malabar Parish (St. Thomas Parish) at Dharmaram by Archbishop Arokyaswamy.

DEC 08

Establishment of the Faculty of Philosophy.


JAN 02

150th Jubilee celebration of the CMI Congregation.

JAN 03

Inauguration of the School of Printing by Rev. Fr. Thomas Aykara, Prior General.

JUL 04

Conclusion of the Silver Jubilee celebration of Dharmaram. His Excellency Govind Narayan, the Governor of Karnataka was the chief guest and R. Gundu Rao, the Chief Minister was the President. Msgr. F. Marchisano, the Delegate from Rome, gave the Jubilee Address. Representative of the Congregation for Catholic Education and Msgr. Cerutti of the same Congregation graced the occasion.

OCT 25

Inauguration of 10 ‘Janatha Houses’ constructed by Dharmaram with Government aid on the Bengaluru-Mysore road, near Devadan Farm.

NOV 07

First Death Anniversary of Bp. Jonas Thaliath observed with Solemn Requiem Mass. A portrait of Bp. Jonas Thaliath unveiled in the auditorium.

NOV 26

Inauguration of the Housing Colony near St. Mary’s Farm constructed by Dharmaram Association for Social Service (DASS) with aid from the Government.


JAN 03

Celebration of the 110th death Anniversary of the Servant of God Cyriac Elias Chavara.

JAN 10

Visit of His Eminence Cardinal W Rubin, Prefect of the Congregation for Oriental Churches.

MAR 11

Rev. Fr. Justin Koyipuram appointed Rector of Dharmaram College.

MAY 22

General Chapter of the CMI Congregation to revise the Constitution began at Dharmaram College.

JUL 01

Inauguration of the Silver Jubilee of Dharmaram College by Fr. Thomas Aykara, Prior General.

NOV 07

Bp. Jonas Thaliath expired of a heart attack at Rajkot.


JAN 31

Visit of Mother Theresa


JAN 02

Rev. Fr. Thomas Aykara, staff member, is elected as Prior General.

MAR 01

Visit of His Eminence Cardinal Pironio and Pronuncio His Grace Luciano Storero.

MAR 15

Rev. Fr. Eustace Thottan took charge of Rector of Dharmaram


JUN 02

Blessing of the Parlour and Administrative Blocks by Rev. Fr. Liguori Mundackal, General Councillor.

JUL 03

Inauguration of Dharmaram Pontifical Institute of Theology and Philosophy by His Eminence Joseph Cardinal Parekattil.


MAR 10

Consecration of Dharmaram Chapel by His Eminence Joseph Cardinal Parekattil.

APR 22

Rev. Fr. Mathias Mundadan took charge as Rector of Dharmaram College.



Inauguration of the Publication of an International Philosophical Quarterly, Journal of Dharma.


JAN 17

Rev. Fr. John Britto Chethimattam appointed Rector of Dharmaram College.

JUL 03

Foundation stone laid for Dharmaram College Chapel Visit of Fr. Herve Carrier S. J, Rector, Gregorian University, Rome.


JAN 03

Inauguration of CSWR.

FEB 02

Visit of His Excellency Sri. Dharmaveera, the Governor of Mysore.

AUG 08

Assignment of a separate block for our students studying at Christ College.


OCT 23

Visit of Msgr. Salvatore Garofalo, Rector of Propaganda College, Rome.


JAN 03

Visit of Sri. V. V. Giri, the Vice-President of India.

JAN 15

Rev. Fr. Theophane Kanjooparambil appointed Rector of Dharmaram College.

MAY 04

Visit of His Eminence Cardinal Joseph Parekattil, Archbishop of Ernakulam.

MAY 15-25

“Church in India” Seminar at Dharmaram College.

JUL 15

Blessing of Christ College by Rev. Fr. Theophane Kanjooparambil, Rector.


SEP 24

The foundation stone of Christ College was laid by His Excellency Joseph Caprio, Apostolic Pronuncio to India.

 JUN 09

Commencement of construction of Christ College.


MAY 22

Sudden demise of Fr. Roger Kattarath in a railway accident at Kuppam on his way to Kerala.

SEP 01

Visit of His Eminence Cardinal Valerain Gracias of Bombay.


JAN 10

Rev. Fr. Canisius Thekkekara, Rector, elected as Prior General of CMI Congregation.

JAN 24

Rev. Fr. Jonas  Thaliath is appointed as Rector and  Fr. Chrysostom Ponnampuryidom as Vice-Rector of Dharmaram College.


DEC 08

Affiliation to Gregorian University, Rome.


APR 20

Purchase of Farm land at Kengeri (St. Mary’s Farm).

DEC 01

Ordination of 45 of our deacons in Bombay during international Eucharistic Congress attended by His Holiness Pope Paul VI.


JAN 06

Re-appointment of Fr. Canisius Thekkekara as Rector of Dharmaram College.



Purchase of farmland at Kengeri for the proposed estate (Devadan).

JUN 05

Appointment of Rev.  Fr.  Januarius  Palathuruthy  as Apostolate Exarch and Mission Superior of the new Mission Region (Chanda) entrusted to the CMI Congregation.


JAN 21

Fr. Canisius Thekkekara is appointed as Rector of Dharmaram College. Completion of the first phase of Press Block.


Visit of His Eminence Cardinal Agaginian, Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for Propagation of Faith.

SEP 24

The mortal remains of Joseph Kariati, Archbishop of Cranganore who died at Goa on Sept. 9, 1786, was brought to Dharmaram on its way to Kerala.


FEB 23

Inauguration of Dharmaram by His Grace Msgr. J. R. Knox, Apostlic Internuncio, Delhi.

SEP 06

Completion of the furnishing of the third living block and its blessing by Rev. Fr. Chrysostom Ponnampuryidom, Rector.



Completion of construction work of WW III, Refectory and Kitchen.

JUN 01

Blessing of the new building by his Grace Thomas Pothacamury. Dharmaram College erected as a formation house. Rev. Fr. Chrysostom Ponnampuryidom appointed Rector of Dharmaram College.


 MAR 23

Purchase of site for Dharmaram College in Bangalore.

JUL 16

Laying of the foundation stone by His Grace Thomas Pothacamury.

OCT 07

Completion of first residential unit and its blessing by Rev. Fr. Dismas Vadakkethala.


DEC 08

The blessing of the foundation stone by His Eminence Card. Tisserant.