Forthcoming Events

I Year Philosophy: Village Social Exposure programme (VSEP):

At Kothagaon, Jagdalpur: I st Group: 06 to 25 April. II nd Group: 27 April to 15 May.

II Year Theology: Rural and Social Exposure Programme (RSEP):

From 05 to 22 April 2010 at Bijnor.

The Pastoral Course of Deacons and the evaluation of their Deacon ministry will take place from 10 to 22 May 2010 at Dharmaram.

Arrival of Students to Dharmaram: 27/28 May 2010.

Annual Retreat begins on Saturday 29 May 2010.

The Renewal of Vows is scheduled for Saturday 05 June 2010.

The New Academic Year of DVK begins on Monday 07 June


Christ University reopens for students on 01/04/05 June 2010.